Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain online access?

Please send an email to referencing the email address you’d like to set up with online access. Once the email address has been registered, you’ll receive an email from our automated system which will allow you to set up a memorable password for our site.
You can have multiple users set up per account however, please note, an email address can only be registered to our website once, so in the event you’ve multiple accounts with us, a different email address must be used per account.

Am I tied into a contract with Newstime?

Not at all! You’re not tied into any contract with us. We seek to make the experience you have with us as flexible as possible.
You can add or cancel milk orders up to 10pm the night before delivery. If making a permanent fruit or magazine/ newspaper cancellation, all we ask is 48 hours’ notice.

Is there a minimum spend?

There is no minimum spend. You can order as little as 1 pint a day from us. So long as your business is on our delivery route, we can deliver FOC.

Is there a minimum spend?

There is no minimum spend. You can order as little as 1 pint a day from us. So long as your business is on our delivery route, we can deliver FOC.

Can I place one-off orders?

Yes, you can. This includes one off orders for milk, consumables, fruit and newspapers.
Please note with the latter two we require 48 hours’ notice.

If there’s something specific I’m looking for are you able to source products other than those listed on your website?

We certainly can. The website only lists our most popular, best-selling items. Please send an email to with the product/s you’d like and we’ll come back to you within the working day to confirm if we can fulfil the request and quote the best price we can offer.

How do I make payment and what are your payment terms?

There are various ways payment can be made:
BACS transfer – our bank details are listed on the bottom left of invoices &statements.
Cheques – please send to Newstime, Unit 4, The Moorings, Waterside Road, Stourton, LS10 1DG
Credit Card / Amex – you can log into your account and pay direct from the website.
We generally bill on a monthly cycle during the first week of the new month for the preceding month and offer 30-day payment terms. If however you’d prefer a weekly invoice, this can be arranged.

What time can I expect my delivery?

Deliveries are made in the early hours of the morning, so all goods have been delivered by the time you get to your workplace. We seek to complete deliveries by 9am.
If however you require your delivery after a specific time, for example after 8.30am once your business is open then please let us know so we can sequence your delivery accordingly.

What days can I get a delivery from Newstime?

Newstime operates 7 days a week so please let us know when you require deliveries from us.
We seek to keep fruit & consumable deliveries Monday – Friday however, exceptions can be made if requested in advance.

Can I set a recurring order / subscription?

You can and most customers set up a weekly order, which they adjust as the week progresses if need be.
To set a subscription, log into your account and search for the item you’d like. Once selected there is the option to add either a ‘Subscription’ or order as a ‘One-off’. Select subscription and the website will take you through the stages, step by step, on how to set this up.

How do I change recurring orders / subscriptions?

Once logged into your account go to ‘Subscription’, which is located on the left-hand tool bar and select ‘Edit’. Remember to save your changes once you’ve made them!

Can I make a one off, temporary change?

You can. To do this log into your account and select ‘Upcoming Orders’ on the toolbar located on the left-hand side. Find the date you wish to make alterations to then you can either increase or cancel a delivery on the selected day.

Do I need to tell Newstime if I want a Bank Holiday delivery?

Please inform us if you require milk / newspapers on a Bank Holiday otherwise we’ll work on the assumption you’re shut.
As a rule of thumb, if the Bank Holiday falls on a Monday, we’ll deliver your Monday order on the Tuesday - unless notified otherwise.
With regards to fruit on a Bank Holiday week, rather than delivering Monday & Wednesday, we’ll deliver on a Tuesday & Thursday – again, unless asked otherwise.

Are you open over Christmas?

Yes, we’re open for delivery every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day.

What is the latest I can report a missing or incorrect delivery?

Please report any issues ASAP. The earlier we’re notified the better. We’ll seek to rectify on day however, if not feasible then any incorrect or missing items will be delivered first thing the following morning.

Can I have multiple delivery locations on my account?

You can have as many delivery address’ on your account as required.
However, if you require separate invoices for each address then we can also set up individual accounts for each address you require delivery to.

In my fruit box, if for example I want one with no grapes, can this be arranged?

You have 100% control over the make-up of your fruit box. Our fruit boxesare a minimum of £12 which equates to around 20 pieces of fruit. When you enter our ‘fruit shop’ online, you choose what fruits you want and select how many of each you’d like and the total box will be priced based upon this.
Please note, the options available vary on a seasonal basis.

What happens if you deliver before our office is open?

If there’s a safe place we can leave your items please let us know in advance. Alternatively, if you’re able to provide us with keys / codes to enter buildings so we can deliver your milk direct to your fridge again, please let us know. All keys are kept in a key safe when not in use and codes are kept confidential. As a long-established supplier, we already have access to a large proportion of managed building & banks etc in Leeds so references can be provided upon request.

What measures do Newstime make to ensure they’re an ethical company?

Being as environmentally friendly as we can is of utmost importance to us and we’ve taken a lot of time doing research around this area to find what is the most environmentally friendly type of packaging to use for our products and measures we can take.

There is a large misconception that glass milk bottles are better for the environment however, research suggests otherwise.
Staggeringly,glassbottlesneed to be returned at least 20 times to have a lower environmental impact than itsplasticequivalent and the average rate of bottle return in the UK is around 7 times!
The plastic we use for our milk bottles uses a minimum of 14% recycled plastic per bottle.

Any excess newspapers are returned to our supplier so they can be recycled.

Our fruit boxes are made from cardboard. If you don’t have the facility to recycleyourself then Newstime can collect your empty boxes. If in good condition we’ll reuse or alternatively recycle.

All our delivery routes are strategically planned and rigorously reviewed on a regular basis to ensure we’re running our vans as efficiently as possible to reduce toxic fumes.
In the not too distant future, our aim is to run all electric vehicles!

If you’ve any further questions or queries please email or call us at 0113 290 2900 where we’ll be happy to assist you further.